Dear Esther: Enhanced Edition™

Dal nostro corrispondente all'estero, Matt Sunree:

Now announcing, Dear Esther: Enhanced Edition™! Features:

- Challenge your friends online through the cut multiplayer deathmatch functionality, now restored!
- Play Dear Esther: Enhanced Edition™ on your favorite console system: now available for the X-Box 360™, PS3™ and Playstation Vita™!
- All-new escort missions: escort a VIP hostage in orange overalls across the mysterious island of dream.
- The original Quick-Time™ Events are reinstated! For eye-gouging added difficulty.
- Experience the restored scripted boss battles where you abandon all the game’s mechanics and destroy the boss limb by limb. Until finally his body becomes vulnerable and he can take damage!
- Now with added, great vehicle sections as seen in the teaser trailer!
- Full Body Awareness System™: look down in First Person View to see your legs and breasts.
- The cover system is back! The much discussed last minute call to remove it, now undone.
- Sneeze dragons out of the sky with the new "ES-TH-ER!" arcane power.