Great reply

Parte la nuova rubrica di BVG: Great reply!

Le risposte marce trovate in forum e newsgroup, corredate da una spiegazione (nel caso sia necessaria per comprendere l'antefatto).

"I was wondering what EG'd give this. IGN gave it a 9, but then IGN are mongoloids".

(Un fanatico evidentemente scosso dal 7 assegnato a InFamous, da parte di Eurogamer.net)

Dallo stesso thread:

"fucktard is your mother's you know what! Before you come insulting other people and talking BS which you know NOTHIN about better STFU (shut the fck up). Eurogamer does belongs to Microsoft Corporation and I ain't no fanboy I'm married man with children and who has got a life very different from a faggot like YOU. Undoubtedly you have no money to have both consoles fanboys classic!"